Partnership with ITE

This is an excerpt from the Executive Director’s column in the July issue of the ITE Journal:

Partnerships with members and allied groups are an important facet to offer engaging and up-to-date information on topics from Smart Communities and Complete Streets to Traffic Operations and Vision Zero. I’m pleased to announce that ITE will be expanding its professional development opportunities in more blended and engaging ways through a new partnership with the Consortium for Innovative Transportation Education (CITE) at the University of Maryland. As a unique organization of university and industry partners, CITE believes in furthering the goals of safety and reliability in the transportation system through training and education, offering independent study courses, blended learning courses, and certificate programs that can benefit ITE and its members. ITE and CITE are in the process of finalizing an agreement to provide ITE members access to CITEs comprehensive offerings at a discounted price and to partner on the development and delivery of new content for these educational opportunities. Look for more information on this exciting new development to come through all of ITE’s communications channels.

CITE is pleased and proud to be working with ITE to provide convenient and affordable professional development opportunities for their members.