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Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate

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USDOT’s ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website is an excellent resource for finding ITS related webinars, training courses, free access to an ITS Peer-to-Peer Program and an ITS Help Line.

Connected Vehicles Video and Presentation

“Connected Vehicles and the Future of Transportation” is one of the sessions that is part of the Regional Operations Forums (ROFs) that was developed under the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) project L36: Regional Operations Forums for Advancing Systems Operations, Management, and Reliability. Below are links to a video of the session and a PDF file of the actual presentation.

Video Presentation
PDF File of Slides

National Highway Institute offers a variety of instructor led and web-based training courses on the topic of ITS. Please visit their website to search their course catalog.

Operations Academy Senior Management Program

Regional Operations Forums

FREE! National ITS Architecture Case Study This case study is an exciting educational resource aimed at building the skills of the next generation of ITS professionals. The case study includes an instructor lecture, student guide, take-home homework assignment, and in-class debriefing material for the homework assignment. It can be adapted for individual or group assignments.

ITS ePrimer Available for Professionals, Educators and Students

The USDOT’s ITS Professional Capacity Building Program has developed an ePrimer which provides transportation professionals, educators, students, and others with fundamental concepts and practices related to ITS technologies. This online resource can help practicing professionals and students better understand how ITS is integrated into the planning, design, deployment, and operations of surface transportation systems. The ITS ePrimer is both a stand-alone reference document for the practitioner as well as a text for education and training programs. Educators can use this as a resource for developing content for their courses or it can be used simply as an online text for students.

The ePrimer can be found at:

Guide to Contracting ITS Projects

National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training

This training was developed under the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2), and is being provided to you by the FHWA Office of Operations.

The course can be found at:

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