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Introduction to Operations Performance Measures & Management

“Continue doing what you’re doing, if we get more Employees to engage in this classes is a win, win situation for everyone.”

“These classes are helpful and I appreciate your waiving the fee for public sector employees!”

“This was a great course, thank you.”

Network Design and Deployment Considerations for ITS

“A very good course.”

“Thanks! My first course as part of this certificate program and lots of great information presented.”

Connected Vehicles 101

“Overall, this lesson was of your normal high quality.  Thanks for helping me get up to speed on this new ITS subject matter.”

Connected Vehicles 101-blended

“Just want to say thank you!”

“This is the first blended course I have taken, and I found it to be a good way to learn.”

Cyber Security

“It was a nicely paced course with helpful examples.”

Cyber Security-blended

“I think the course was very relevant! I liked the conference calls more than the online portion. I would have enjoyed hearing more from the instructor. He was very knowledgeable and seemed to be up to date with security issues. I would sign up for a quarterly conference call with him to hear about trends and new issues in the area of cyber security.”

“This information gave me some awareness of what is happening in Cyber security. I was aware that it is going on but now have a broader understanding of it.”

“Good approach to an online course for working professionals.”

Principles and Tools of Road Weather Management

“I am a meteorologist and took this course in order to gain a greater understanding of how to work with traffic managers on integrating road weather information into operations. This course helped me to see the road weather problems from their perspective.”

Roles of Public and Private Sectors in ITS

“This was a broad ranging subject, but was presented in a manner to allow me good absorption of the concepts. While a difficult subject, I was able to come up to speed quickly, and with good comprehension.”

Tools of ATMS

“Have learned more since taking this course.”

“My knowledge and ability to implement the applications of various topics is growing.”

“The course provides very helpful visual aids and examples.”

“Great course! Really learned a lot.”

Traffic Signal Systems Fundamentals

“This was a tough course, but the challenge accelerated my learning curve, and gave me a pretty comprehensive understanding of the subject.”

“Great topic to learn for all traffic operation engineers.”

“This was one of the best courses I’ve yet taken.”

“Excellent study material for all transportation engineers.”

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