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Transportation Demand Management

Length: Approximately 4 hours


Transportation Demand Management, or TDM, aims to make more efficient use of the transportation system through a variety of strategies and policies. With TDM’s focus on improving mobility and efficiency of all aspects of the multimodal transportation network, there are many parallels with TSMO objectives. Many TDM strategies focus on either reducing the need for vehicle trips, by encouraging alternate modes or higher occupancy options, such as transit, carpooling and ridesharing. Other TDM strategies focus on making travel more equitable and accessible – for everyone.

This course presents a wide range of different TDM strategies that communities and regions can implement to promote multimodal travel, encourage policies that support travel options and choices, prioritize project investments, and the benefits of encouraging TDM approaches.

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During this course, participants will learn:

  • How TSMO and TDM can support more efficient system planning and operations.
  • About different types of TDM strategies, including policies and programs that promote travel options, as well as how land use planning can help to support and encourage multiple travel alternatives.
  • How TDM considerations can be integrated into all phases of project development, including planning, programming, design, construction, maintenance, and operations.
  • About the different roles that local, regional, and state agencies have for TDM, as well as the role of the private sector and travelers.
  • How, through three different case studies, TDM approaches have helped to reduce congestion, improve connectivity for travelers, and save money.


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Washington State DOT

Lisa Burgess, Kimley-Horn and Associates

Michael Grandy, Kimley-Horn and Associates

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