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Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) Equipment and Operations (Blended)

Length: Approximately 6 hours


Adverse weather is our common enemy in road maintenance, traffic, and emergency operations. Transportation agencies are well aware of the operational and logistical challenges of such weather. Many agencies are fighting this age-old battle by implementing Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS). This requires that critical personnel be well-informed of the impacts and considerations of deploying RWIS. The goal of this course is to, not only discuss RWIS initiatives and considerations, but through workshops, exercises, and self-assessments, explore individual state and local deployment challenges which will leave participants with an action plan tailored for their specific needs.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the value of regional and national RWIS Initiatives
  • Explain how RWIS can benefit your region
  • Identify and discuss key considerations when installing an RWIS
  • Develop an Action Plan and identify the steps to successfully integrate an RWIS, considering your particular operations

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Paul Pisano, Road Weather & WZ Mgmt

Dorothy Parnian, Contributing Author

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