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Program Planning for TSMO

Length: Approximately 8-10 hours


To be effectively implemented, Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) must be recognized and structured as a core function of a transportation agency – more than simply a strategy or ad hoc set of activities, but as a cohesive program that is vital to the mission.  In this course, you will define why TSMO is important to your organization, describe the key elements of TSMO program planning, and identify TSMO planning activities that help to develop and sustain the TSMO mission for your agency.

The audience includes state and local/city transportation agency personnel involved in traffic management, maintenance management, safety management and other operations functions for the transportation system.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) program planning is valuable to your agency
  • Describe the three key elements of TSMO program planning
  • Identify TSMO program planning activities that help to develop and sustain the TSMO mission for your transportation agency

Note: We recommend that you take the CITE mini-module CMM: Assessing Agency Capabilities and the TSMO 101: What is This TSMO Thing Anyway? course in conjunction with this course.

See also: TSMO Planning and Implementation Bundle

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Steve Lockwood, Dorothy Parnian
Federal Highway Administration


Being an employee at an MPO in the Transportation Operations Management unit, this course directly relates to my every day work. It will allow me to better work with stakeholders and inform them of the benefits of a TSMO plan and allow me to discuss the various strategies within.”

- Paul Carafides, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

As a consultant, I will be able to more effectively assist the agencies that I am working on, implement TSMO concepts and strategies.

- Michael Ruelle, Kimley-Horn and Associates

I will be able to bring this information to my agency in hopes of furthering the mission of my agency and help begin the process of drafting a plan.

- Eddie Watkins, Missouri Dept of Transportation

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