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Performance Management

Length: Approximately 4 hours


Measuring and managing system performance is a fundamental element of an agency’s overall approach to Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO). Identifying the impacts that different transportation strategies are having on safety, mobility and accessibility will help agencies prioritize their multi-modal investments, adjust operating strategies, and demonstrate the value of their transportation programs. This course discusses the fundamental elements of a transportation performance management program, including how performance measures can be developed and applied, data and analysis tools to support performance monitoring, and how performance outcomes can be used.


Upon completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • The relationship between performance management and Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) and how performance management can be used to support overall agency goals and objectives
  • The different elements of a Performance Management program
  • How to develop and implement a Performance Management Plan, including types of performance measures, data needs for different measures, and the stakeholders who should be involved in developing the Plan
  • How to: identify strategies for using performance outcomes to improve real-time operations, better inform decisions on transportation investments, and demonstrate the impact and benefits of different system operations strategies
  • Different methods for communicating performance information to technical and non-technical audiences

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Washington State DOT

Tim Lomax, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Lisa Burgess, Kimley-Horn and Associates

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