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Project Management for High Tech Systems

Length: Approximately 10 hours


This course is designed to improve the project management skills of public and private sector personnel who are responsible for managing the implementation of technology-intensive transportation projects. The course provides training related to the fundamental principles and practices of good project management; the steps of planning, designing, and implementing transportation systems projects; the types of project management tools available for managing transportation systems projects; and the basic skills required to be a good project manager.


Upon conclusion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Define the fundamental principles of good project management.
  • Describe the general leadership and management skills required by a project manager as they relate to advanced transportation systems projects.
  • Explain the steps taken to plan, design and implement advanced transportation system projects.
  • Describe the phases of projects (definition, planning, design, & execution) and the project management techniques relevant to each phase.
  • Explore additional project management resources.

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Philip Tarnoff
Chairman of the Board, Traffax Inc.

Paul R. Olson, P.E.
P.R. Olson Associates, Ltd.


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