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Improving Highway Safety with ITS (Blended)

Length: Approximately 10 hours


This course is an introduction to ITS-based strategies and tools available for improving highway safety. This course is intended for ITS, transportation operations, and safety professionals, including, but not limited to, planners, operators, designers, emergency management, and maintenance personnel. This course is divided into five lessons, each intended to introduce or illustrate concepts relating to the development and deployment of ITS strategies to address safety issues.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the overall magnitude and importance of highway safety
  • Recognize and discuss the contribution ITS can make in improving highway safety
  • Identify applications in the connected vehicle program that are primarily safety related
  • Describe the framework for considering ITS countermeasures within your safety planning process
  • Exploit practical opportunities for collaboration among Safety and ITS personnel
  • Employ several ITS and Safety resources

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Cheryl Lowrance

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