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Deploying ITS: Strategic Planning and Implementation

Length: Approximately 6 hours


Strategic planning for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) involves the adoption of a structured approach to maximize the probability that once the system is implemented you get what you want. By definition, it also minimizes the probability of undesirable side effects or getting things that you do not want. Given that ITS technology is evolving rapidly, the structured approach should also provide a framework for adding new technologies and products. This course has been developed on the basis of a number of years of practical experience in assisting public agencies and private companies to conduct strategic planning for ITS


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Express an understanding of the introduction to the planning, implementation and assessment of ITS services.
  • Explain how to “mainstream” ITS planning and implementation into established transportation planning, investment and programming procedures.
  • Describe the role of ITS as part of a comprehensive transportation system.
  • Define the relationship of ITS to both long- and short-range transportation planning and programming.
  • Evaluate ITS alternatives and options.
  • Select an appropriate “package of ITS options.”
  • Describe a suggested methodology for ITS strategic planning.
  • Define and describe essential success factors for implementing and deploying ITS services.
  • Evaluate the success of ITS deployments.
  • Describe selected examples of successful ITS planning programs, implementation approaches, and practical assessments.

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Bob McQueen

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