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Transportation Cyber Security (Blended)

Length: Approximately 6 hours.


Data, technology, and Internet of Things (IOT) are playing a prominent role in delivering today’s transportation services.  This is likely to grow significantly as the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) emerge on our highways.  Cybersecurity of data, technology and IOT is essential to ensure safe and reliable transportation services. More public sector agencies and municipalities are being targeted and attacked. Information and operations technology professionals need a practitioner’s perspective to vigilantly address these evolving threats. This course is designed to take a strategic view of these influences, filter it through the practitioner perspective and equip participants to know what to do and what to look for in relation to cybersecurity.

Instructors: Murali Rao and Micah Dalton

Office of Strategic Innovation

Virginia Department of Transportation


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Learn key concepts that separate operations technology environments from traditional information technology environments, and different approaches to security. The course will focus on instructor facilitated participant discussion to provide a practical understanding that you can use to further develop your cybersecurity knowledge, and strengthen organizations against cybersecurity threats. There is a mixture of on-line material, engaging case studies, plus interactive webinars.

  • Learn – On-demand lessons walk you through the types of threats, vulnerabilities, and targets of cybersecurity attacks and give you a summary of good practices. These lessons are reinforced and expanded during the first live, interactive webinar where the instructors will present an overview of ideas and concepts.
  • Deliberation and Application – Through the workshop assignments and the second interactive webinar apply your knowledge, ask questions, deliberate approaches and strategies.
  • Action – By the final webinar, you will be armed with potential – now, how are you going to use it? What do you need to do next? Discuss the course of action you will take based on what you have learned.

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