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Communicating the Value of TSMO

Length: Approximately 2 hours


This course examines the importance of communicating the value of TSMO and the challenges associated with doing that.  It presents strategies for how to build a case and tell a compelling story tailored to various audiences.  And it describes available tools and provides examples of how they have been used to successfully convey TSMO benefits and success stories.

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Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • List the reasons for communicating the value of TSMO
  • Manage the challenges to communicating the value of TSMO
  • Use the strategies outlined to build the business case for TSMO
  • Describe the tools available for communicating the value of TSMO
  • Use examples to demonstrate the value of TSMO

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Washington State DOT

Lisa Burgess, Kimley-Horn and Associates

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