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Systems Engineering for Advanced Transportation Projects

Length: Approximately 11-12 hours


This course covers a broad set of topics in systems engineering and integration. It provides participants with an appreciation of the principles of systems engineering and its application to ITS projects. It also introduces the techniques of systems integration associated with regional systems. Regional integration introduces the need for a more detailed understanding of the principles of systems engineering, particularly those associated with the benefits of alternative architectures, and the necessity to consider the principles of system reliability, maintainability and availability.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the principles of systems engineering
  • Interpret the manner in which the National ITS Architecture and system standards support the systems engineering process
  • Direct and participate in system designs
  • Explain the principles of system procurement
  • Describe the principles of system integration

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Paul Olson
P.R. Olson Associates, LLC

Philip Tarnoff
Transportation Consultant

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