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From Past Teachers and Students

Just a note to thank you for this course. I enjoyed it very much, and the information is very valuable to work that I’ve been doing, and will continue to do as a project manager.

– Mike Hite, Northern Shenandoah Valley Public Mobility Program about Managing High Technology Projects in Transportation – Instructor-led, Web-based (“Blended”) Version

Thanks, the course was very well presented and allowed me to ponder over something new to me without missing the next slides as I would have under a normal class room session.

– Student, about Introduction to National ITS Architecture

It was a generally comprehensive introductory overview of ITS and contained material you would need to take several courses or read a rather extensive reading list) to gain exposure to.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

For each module/topic of the course, different authors were expert in the respective areas and we could learn in depth for each topic. In the regular classes this opportunity cannot be availed. – By this course, we could save plenty of time and we did not need to come to university to attend class.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

Well written, easy to understand, gives overall understanding of telecommunications without going into the details. Good for us civil engineers.

-Student about Introduction to Telecommunications

Very comprehensive material regarding different aspects of Traffic Engineering. It gave a wide view in this field.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

Congratulations to you and the CITE team on an excellent product so far – well done. I believe it will prove to be a very popular course.

-Phil Charles, Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland – Australia, about Fundamentals of ITS

Detailed description which cannot be covered in regular classes links, teacher’s note etc.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

Overall, I thought the experience was great and would strongly consider distance learning opportunities in the future.

-Student about Interoperability: ITS System Architecture and Standards

Flexible schedule and interesting graphics.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

You not only saved me the time and effort to offer this course myself, but also exposed my students to a commendable and prestigious group of ITS experts.

-Baher Abdulhai, Ph.D., Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto-Canada, about Fundamentals of ITS

The course contents were quite extensive, yet it seems every effort has been made to frame the course to its best presentation. It was pretty straightforward to deal with all the stages of the course.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

The use of the internet that allows links to live examples is one of the best features.

-Student about Incident and Emergency Management

The freedom to do things when I had time.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

It’s very interesting course material that will have real applications in the present and future.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

This course covered a lot more than a classroom course would have covered. It also enabled you to proceed at your own speed more or less but encouraged/required you to become exposed to many subjects a good thing. Good luck with the future.

-Student about Fundamentals of ITS

I am currently teaching an introductory ITS course here at the University of Rhode Island, and one of the modules helped me tremendously.

-Christopher D. Hunter, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Rhode Island, about Fundamentals of ITS

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