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For security purposes, we do not allow users to share their Unique Login Name or Password with anyone. If we reasonably believe that a Login Name and Password are being used by anyone other than the student it has been issued to, ALL privileges will be immediately revoked. To protect the privacy of your data, never give out your Unique Login Name or Password.

Moodle Browser Configuration

Moodle is compatible with most modern web browsers including Internet Explorer (v7 or Higher), Mozilla Firefox (all versions), Google Chrome (v4 and higher) and Safari (v3 and higher). You may not be able to access all of Moodles features in every browser

The recommended browsers for Moodle are Firefox 3.6.x and later, Chrome v4 and later, or Internet Explorer 9 and later. Safari on OSX supports most Moodle functions except for the text editor in Forum posts and other areas (you will see a plain text box instead of an editor window). You can still post to these areas, you just cannot easily format your text with bullets, bold text etc.

Please disable pop-up blocking software you may have installed on your computer or pop-up blocking features that you may have enabled in your browser while using Moodle. Please note that some additional browser toolbars that you may have installed can also act as pop-up blockers. These could include the Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, MSN Toolbar and more. Please check to see if your browser has any of these, or other toolbars that may block pop-ups, installed and disable their pop-up blocking feature while using Moodle.

If you are experiencing problems viewing the Moodle site or it’s content please ensure that your browser is configured as listed below:

Browser Settings for PC:

Web Browser Enable Cookies Enable Pop-ups Enable Java/script
Firefox 4.x Tools > Options > Privacy > Check “Accept cookies from sites” Tools > Options > Privacy > Ensure “Block pop-up windows” checkbox is not selected. Tools > Options > Content > Check “Enable Javascript” and check “Enable Java”
Chrome 11.x Tools > Options > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > Select Allow local data to be set (recommended) Tools > Options > Privacy > Content Settings > Pop-ups > Select Allow all sites to show pop-ups Tools > Options > Privacy > Content Settings > JavaScript > Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)
Internet Explorer 9 (Internet Explorer 10 for support of Drag and Drop functionality) Tools > Internet Options > Security > Set “Security levels for this zone” to Medium-high. Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Ensure “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” is not selected.

Browser Settings for Mac:

Web Browser Enable Cookies Enable Pop-ups Enable Java/script
Firefox 4.x Enabled by default Firefox > Preferences > Content > Ensure “Block pop-up windows” is not selected. Firefox > Preferences > Content > Ensure “Enable Javascript” is selected.
Safari 5.x or later Safari > Preferences > Security > Select either “Always” or “Only from site you navigate to”. Safari >Preferences > Security > Ensure “Block pop-up widows” is not checked. Safari >Preferences > Security > Check “Enable Java” and check “Enable Javascript”.

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