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Traffic Operations Bundle

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The courses in this bundle will cover everything from traffic operations to performance measures and management to signal timing.

The Overview of Operations course introduces the field of transportation systems management and operations (TSMO), with a focus on the optimal operation of freeways and arterials as an integrated corridor system to achieve greater user mobility.

Then, OPM01 defines performance measures and management, how they are used in an organization, how they are set up, and what the expected outcomes are for performance management.

Finally, Traffic Signal Operations discusses signal timing concepts, process, and optimization; and looks at the types of actuated controllers, passage time, extension; and the coordination of actuated and pretimed controllers. It also discusses the timing plan development, explores signal control, and investigates the relationship of signal timing to ITS.

Optional: Select one (1) blended-learning course.*

*Consider choosing the course containing the subject matter with which you are least familiar.

Cost: $550-750

CEU: 1.6-1.8

3 Core Courses

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