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ITS Networking & Communications Bundle

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Telecommunications is the backbone of all ITS applications. It provides the means for sending data, voice, and video information between devices. Together, the courses in this bundle provide a system-level understanding of the operation of modern broadband transportation communications networks.

The ITS Awareness course presents an overview of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and discusses their role in Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). The next course is a primer on telecommunications for the ITS professional with little or no formal training in telecommunications. With so many ITS projects now requiring a telecommunications aspect, this course is a must for project managers. The final course focuses on how to plan and implement telecommunications networks to support a major Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure.

Optional: Select one (1) blended-learning course.*

*Consider choosing the course containing the subject matter with which you are least familiar.

Cost: $550-750

CEU: 1.6-1.8

3 Core Courses

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