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Introduction to ITS/CVO and CVISN (CVISN 101)


Adel W. Sadek
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Vermont
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone:(802) 656-4126 Fax:(802) 656-8446



This course emphasizes the ITS/CVO program and the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) initiative. After a short discussion of some key problem existing in CVO, students are introduced to the four ITS/CVO program areas: Safety Assurance, Credentials Administration, Electronic Screening, and Carrier Operations. The concepts underlying current and future strategies are described for each of these areas, as well as the technologies that can be used to carry them out. The discussion on CVISN focuses on the CVISN Core Capabilities (Safety Information Exchange, Credentials Administration, and Electronic Screening) and the recommended strategy for states deploying the Core Capabilities. The emphasis throughout the course is to provide fundamental knowledge and principles for professionals who may be new to ITS/CVO as well as experienced professionals wishing to refresh and update their knowledge on technical and deployment issues.



After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Discuss ITS applications to Commercial Vehicle Operations
  • Explain the four broad program areas of the national ITS/CVO Program
    • Safety assurance
    • Credentials administration
    • Electronic screening
    • Carrier operations
  • Describe the CVISN initiative
  • Relate the CVISN deployment process


Public-sector Transportation Professionals including US DOT engineers, planners, project managers, and field staff, FTA Regional staff, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Specialists, and others as appropriate. Transportation professionals from state, regional, and local agencies would also benefit from participation in the course.



Approximately six hours.



None required.



The course outline is as follows:
(numbers in parentheses refer to pages)

  1. Introduction (2-5)
    1. Course Gateway
    2. Overview
    3. Objectives of ITS/CVO
    4. ITS/CVO Vision and Mission

  2. Lesson 1. Introduction to ITS/CVO (6-14)
    1. CVO Issues and ITS Opportunities
      · Problem 1: Difficulties in Enforcement of Compliance
      · Problem 2: Complexity of Regulatory Processes
      · Problem 3: Reducing Costs While Satisfying Customers
    2. The ITS/CVO Program

  3. Lesson 2. Safety Assurance (15-29)
    1. Safety Assurance Services
    2. Safety Information Exchange: SAFER
    3. SAFER System
    4. Automated Roadside Safety Inspection
    5. On-Board Safety Monitoring
      · Technology Truck
      · Where Are We?
      · Sensing Systems
      · Roadside Communication
    6. Knowledge Check: Safety Assurance
    7. Quiz

  4. Lesson 3. Credentials Administration (30-43)
    1. Electronic Credentialing
    2. Electronic Credentialing Approaches
      · Manual Credential Processing
      · Electronic Credentialing Process
    3. Base State Agreements
    4. One-Stop Shopping
    5. Knowledge Check: Credentials Administration
    6. Quiz

  5. Lesson 4. Electronic Screening (44-57)
    1. Electronic Screening: Objective & Benefits
    2. Electronic Screening: Screening Factors
    3. Electronic Screening: Operational Concept
    4. Electronic Screening Technologies:
      · AVI
      · WIM
    5. Electronic Screening Layout & Process
    6. International Border Clearance
    7. International Border Clearance: Process & Layout
    8. Knowledge Check: Electronic Screening
    9. Quiz

  6. Lesson 5. Carrier Operations (58-64)
    1. Carrier Operations
      · Fleet Management Systems
      · Traffic Management and Traveler Information Systems
      · Hazardous Materials Incident Response
    2. Quiz

  7. Lesson 6. Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) (65-85)
    1. Introduction to CVISN
    2. CVISN Capabilities
    3. Relationship of CVISN to ITS/CVO
    4. CVISN within the ITS/CVO Program
    5. CVISN Core Capabilities
    6. CVISN Definitions and Concepts
    7. CVISN and Safety Information Exchange
    8. Electronic Distribution of Safety Inspection Data
    9. CVISN and Credentials Administration
    10. Electronic Credentialing Solutions
      · Person-To-Computer
      · Computer-To-Computer
      · Computer-To-Computer (cont'd)
    11. Data Exchange Concepts
    12. CVISN and Electronic Screening
    13. Key Operational Concepts
    14. Electronic Screening System Layout
    15. Quiz

  8. Lesson 7. CVISN Deployment Process (86-96)
    1. CVISN Overall Deployment Process
    2. Phase 1: Design
      · Phase 1A: Top-Level System Design
      · Phase 1B: CVISN Program Plan
      · Phase 1C: Funding and Contracts
    3. Phase 2: Implementation and Deployment
    4. Quiz

  9. Knowledge Check: CVO Vocabulary (98)

  10. Final Examination (WebCT)







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