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Weather Responsive Traffic Management (WRTM) (Blended)

Length: Approximately eight hours.


This course provides information and guidance to transportation system managers and operators to help them effectively manage traffic flow and operations during adverse weather conditions.Various WRTM strategies are described and case studies are presented to illustrate existing best practices., Specific guidance is provided on how to choose, design, and implement WRTM strategies that are appropriate for different roadway, traffic and weather conditions. Training materials include information and tools on traffic modeling and analysis , types and sources of traffic and weather data needed to support WRTM strategies, , guidance on integrating weather and traffic data in daily operations, and procedures for performance measurement and evaluation of WRTM strategies . At the end of the course, participants should understand and be able to describe the WRTM concepts and framework, the different strategies  and the types of data, analysis tools, and performance monitoring necessary to effectively manage traffic during weather events.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the range of strategies and tools offered by WRTM for effectively managing traffic operations during weather events.
  • Identify the benefits associated with WRTM and the situations that warrant its application.
  • Identify the traffic and weather data needed to support WRTM implementation, and how to obtain and use these data.
  • Understand the need for and approaches to evaluating the performance of WRTM strategies.
  • Describe how agencies can more proactively implement WRTM strategies as part of transportation systems management including capacity enhancement and demand management.


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