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Roles of the Public & Private Sectors in ITS: Cooperative Partnerships

Length: Approximately eight hours.


In this course, students will learn about how valuable partnerships are in ITS. The course will examine some of the critical success factors of cooperative partnerships and offer a suggested approach to partnering. Students will be exposed to important issues (legal, regulatory, procurement, public policy, etc.) associated with the establishment of partnerships. In addition, the course will provide real-life examples of both successful and unsuccessful attempts at partnerships in the area of ITS.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate the value of partnerships in ITS.
  • List factors critical to successful cooperation, and a suggested, approach to planning, implementing, and operating successful public-private ‘ventures’.
  • Discuss representative examples of public-private sector cooperation which have worked, and of others that have failed, including the reasons why.
  • Recall the types of legal, regulatory, financial, procurement, contracting, management, administrative and public policy issues, which must be taken into account.
  • Relate the relative strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of different forms of cooperation, as viewed from the perspectives of the user community, a typical government agency and a typical private sector organization.
  • Recognize and describe the various forms that public- and private-sector cooperation in ITS can take.
  • Explain the complementary contributions which the public and the private sectors can, and do make to the world of ITS.



Charlie Wallace

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