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ITS Awareness – *NEW*

Length: Approximately four hours.


This course presents an overview of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and discusses their role in Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). In general, it covers how systems (ITS) are applied (through TSMO) to achieve a wide range of benefits. The material is presented from a high-level with the intent to convey concepts, not technical details. The concluding lesson deals with the still-emerging subject of Connected Vehicles and includes a discussion of how they may affect transportation and society in the future. The primary target audience is public agency personnel with a basic understanding of ITS and TSMO, who wish to obtain a better understanding of both. Secondary audiences include college students, private-sector personnel, and anyone who wants to learn more about ITS/TSMO.

This course is part of the Introductory Learning Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) curriculum established by the ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) program. For more information, click here.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define general ITS/TSMO terminology
  • Communicate the role and use of ITS in TSMO
  • Identify available sources for additional information
  • Discuss Connected Vehicles and their impact on the transportation landscape


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