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Corridor Management

Length: Approximately twelve hours.


The widespread, widely embraced ITS movement has emphasized the benefits of integrated systems elements. This course focuses on ramp control, HOV treatments and control centers as a way to manage corridors using integrated systems elements.


At the conclusion of this module students should be able to:

  • Explain Freeway Ramp Control as a means to regulate freeway bound vehicles (to reduce delays, increase freeway throughput, and decrease accidents)
  • Describe the design and operation of different ramp metering strategies
  • Distinguish the Control Center as the hub of a corridor management system
  • Relate the major issues that must be considered for design, operation and maintenance of a control center
  • Analyze the effectiveness of HOV programs
  • Summarize and describe HOV treatments



Dr. Antoine G. Hobeika
Virginia Tech

Contributing Author:

Dr. Nathan H. Gartner
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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