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ITS Applications and Management

A Graduate Level Program

This is a full-semester, graduate-level program that is offered for Continuing Education Units (CEU*).   Length: This course runs for 15 weeks.

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It is bundled into 11 modules, each addressing a different aspect of ITS:

Cost: $1150

CEU: 7.6

Module 1 Applications in Transit Management Operations
Module 2 Database Management System Essentials
Module 3 Telecommunications and Networking Fundamentals
Module 4 Network Design and Deployment Considerations for ITS
Module 5 Project Management for High Tech Systems
Module 6 Systems Engineering Fundamentals
Module 7 Travel Time: Vehicle Probe Data
Module 8 Private: Roles of the Public & Private Sectors in ITS: Cooperative Partnerships
Module 9 OPM02: Nuts and Bolts of Operations Performance Measurement
Module 10 Private: Principles and Tools for Road Weather Management
Module 11 Transportation Cyber Security

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