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Fundamentals of ITS and Traffic Management

The Complete Picture of ITS

This is a full semester graduate level program that is offered for Continuing Education Units (CEU*). It has been designed to give students a complete picture of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). The program goes beyond the awareness level in each subject area but is not designed to make students an expert in any one topic.

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It is bundled into 12 modules, each addressing a different aspect of ITS. Modules include:

Cost: $950

CEU: 8.4

Module 1 Overview of Operations
Module 2 Transportation Management
Module 3 Tools of Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS)
Module 4 Traffic Incident Management
Module 5 Corridor Management
Module 6 Introduction to the National ITS Architecture
Module 7 Introduction to Operations Performance Measures and Management
Module 8 Electronic Payments Systems (EPS)
Module 9 Improving Highway Safety with ITS
Module 10 Traffic Signal Systems Fundamentals
Module 11 Traffic Signal Timing
Module 12 Connected Vehicles 101

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